Residential, Commercial and Industrial

As you will see from the notes below we specialize in all aspects of the electrical trade. Most importantly we want you to know we offer these services in all sizes and types of residential, commercial and industrial projects. Whatever your electrical needs are, Wicks Electric has you covered!
Electrical, Lighting, and Power
This is the bread and butter of Wicks Electric and the majority of the work we perform. If your project requires any aspect of lighting or power, feel free to contact us today. Design, installation and maintenance.
Low Voltage
We are happy to offer assistance with anything related to low voltage, data, communication, audio and voice. The Wicks team is experienced in a wide range of low voltage work. CAT5, CAT6, COAX, and fibre optic cable are all things we are familiar with. Please contact us today if you need assistance.
Lighting Control and Automation
The Wicks team is experienced is many of the aspects of lighting control and automation. We work with productss such as Lutron Radio Ra, Lutron Radio Ra2, Control 4 and others enabling us to offer a wide range of home automation and lighting control capabilities. Whether you want to control your home or office from an iPhone, iPad or wall mounted interface contact Wicks Electric today.
Boat Access and Off-Grid Electrical
Wicks Electric offers water access only electrical repairs and installations with our company boat. This enables us to access homes, businesses, marinas, and even vessels that need electrical work where as other electrical contractors could not offer. Wicks Electric offers water access only electrical repairs and installations with our company boat. Being off grid does not mean you have to give up small everyday luxuries. Today, off grid can be just as connected in a stand alone system. Off grid systems can use solar, wind, and hydro energy. At Wicks Electric we can provide installation of several environmentally friendly systems, even if your home is water access only.