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Culture and Relationships

La Taqueria – Wicks Electric

A few of the Wicks boys finishing up our quality completion walk through at La Taqueria in Burnaby.

We have systemized quality control walk throughs at the major completion phases of the project. That way we can document and share great work at our team meetings and reflect on areas of improvements.
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Culture and Relationships

Culture and relationships are at the forefront and core of our business. We’re proud of our long-standing contractor, supplier and vendor relationships.

However there’s nothing more important than the relationships between the crew members at Wicks. You can catch Adam and Calvin closing deals daily at the Wicks HQ. Hard work is easy when you love what you do! #lightingtheway ⚡

Power Is Up

Power is up at our 6 unit project together with our friends at the Haebler Group in Vancouver.
Can’t wait for this beauty to finish!

Keeping Tools Organized – Wicks Electric

Calvin loves to keep his tools organized and clean. Keep up the great work!
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Installing a Chandelier? Call Wicks Electric

Installing a new chandelier is a great way to define your foyer, glamorize your dinning room or add a sophisticated touch to the master bedroom.

We would like to showcase your space. Call us today.

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