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Bending Pipes – Wicks Electric

Bending pipes and shaping dreams, one inch at a time! This is the life of a hard-working electrician! 💡 From installing circuits to troubleshooting electrical problems, our electricians do it all with precision, patience and care. En par with our core values. #lightingtheway 🔌  

Photo of the day – Wicks Electric

Making sure everything is wired up and ready to go for a walk-in fridge and freezers at one of our ongoing projects in Surrey. At Wicks Electric, we take pride in providing top-notch service and making sure our clients are satisfied. Our expert electricians are hard at work ensuring everything is perfectly terminated. Stay tuned […]

My little assistant for the day!

Even electricians need their furry little helpers! Meet my assistant for the day. She may not be able to wire a circuit, but she sure knows how to brighten up my workday says Linc! #lightingtheway 🔌

Office in the Mud – Wicks Electric Inc

Who says electricians need a fancy office? 😂 When you’re on a residential project, you make do with what you’ve got! This is my “office” for the day – set up in the mud! 💪 It’s not glamorous, but it gets the job done. #lightingtheway 🔌

We Appreciate Our Apprentices

Lights, camera, action! For an electrical apprentice, every day brings a new challenge and a chance to learn something new. Today, Jesse is working on installing a new lighting system at a local business. ”It’s a great feeling to see the finished product and know that I played a part in making it happen.   […]

Grateful – Wicks Electric

Feeling incredibly grateful to work in a place where my workplace is surrounded by the beauty of nature. There’s something so invigorating and inspiring about being out here, breathing in the fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun.   We never take this privilege for granted and we are remined every day how […]

La Taqueria – Wicks Electric

A few of the Wicks boys finishing up our quality completion walk through at La Taqueria in Burnaby. We have systemized quality control walk throughs at the major completion phases of the project. That way we can document and share great work at our team meetings and reflect on areas of improvements. #lightingtheway ⚡

Culture and Relationships

Culture and relationships are at the forefront and core of our business. We’re proud of our long-standing contractor, supplier and vendor relationships. However there’s nothing more important than the relationships between the crew members at Wicks. You can catch Adam and Calvin closing deals daily at the Wicks HQ. Hard work is easy when you […]