Happy Easter!

We hope you can spend time with family and friends remotely as we all look forward to happier times when we can all be together again. Happy Easter from all of us at Wicks Electric!

Another Job Well Done

We have just wrapped up another North Shore renovation. Our experienced electricians replaced outdate track lighting with clean looking pot lights, adding  modern plugs, switches and fixtures throughout. Your home can be transformed from old to new, giving it a new lease on life!

Getting Ready For Summer

What could be better than an outdoor kitchen on a hot summer day?  Wicks will power up your space to get the most of outdoor living this summer. After a long, wet, cold and snowy winter it is hard to believe…but summer IS coming…really!

Commercial Tenant Improvement Electrical Project

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local, we’re here with Adam Wicks and Jesse from Wicks Electric in Vancouver, one of Vancouver’s highest rated electrical contractor, up and coming new guys. How you doing guys?

Adam: Good, how’re you doing Mark?

Mark: Good, so Jesse is going to be subbing in for Adam over the next 4 weeks while he’s is away in Europe, raising all kinds of havoc. So we’re talking about a commercial tenant improvement project, an electrical project that you guys just recently did. What’s the story on this one Adam?

Adam: Yeah Mark, so this project was called Liquid Nutrition, Liquid Nutrition is a chain store selling healthy shakes and healthy food. It was a project out at UBC, at their brand new campus wing. It was one of those projects where there were many different aspects to it and I’m going to show you guys a picture while I explain this. So there is the final project, now there’s the final product of the store. We did a whole lot of wiring here, there was a ton of lights to lay out, there are as you can see, there are track lights, there are pot lights, there are some hanging pendant lights in the back, there are a whole ton of LED strip lights which you can’t really make out, but it you see that lady by the fridge, they are all around the fridge and the menu. There is some low voltage wiring for the control of the till and there was some exit and emergency lighting we completed as well. We also actually installed a whole bunch of speakers at Liquid Nutrition for them, so we provided the whole actual package. Yeah, we walked away very happy with the project and looking forward to many others like this.

Mark: So were there any tight requirements with this, with being out at UBC and that new mall?

Adam: Yeah, that’s a great question. There are actually a lot of requirements out at UBC. They are very strict, they have very specific guidelines, the franchise owner of Liquid Nutrition and the contractor were under tight timelines as well, so there was the budget factor, the timeline factor, with working at UBC which again, came with it’s own challenges and such, but all in all the job went really well, the safety officer at Liquid Nutrition for UBC was really pleased, the franchise owner was pleased and we walked away with another five star review. So all and all it was a great job and we’re looking forward to many more commercial tenant improvement projects in the future.

Mark: Awesome. So if you’ve got a tenant improvement project and you have some electrical needs these are the guys to call in Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, North Shore, as far out as Richmond, Coquitlam, you name it, they’ll look after you. Wicks Electric, growing fast, highest rated, highest reviewed company, electrical contractor in Vancouver. Adam was the winner of the Top 30 Under 30 by BC Business Magazine and they’re the number one approved Tesla installer , they’re pretty high quality I would say, they’re the best in Vancouver. Wicks Electric – give them a call 604-765-8439 or check out their website wickselectric.com. Thanks

Adam: That’s great, thanks Mark, appreciate that.

Safety First!

IMG_6863 (1)

At Wicks Electric safety comes first! When the homeowner asked us to fix this malfunctioning light we put up scaffolding to be sure it would be safe for our crew.  It may have been reachable from our long ladder but due to the awkward location it would have meant leaning over and potentially losing balance. The homeowner was in complete agreement even if it took a while longer and was pleased that we take our crews’ safety so seriously.

Wicks Electric Wins an Epic Battle!


Colton led the team in an epic battle VS. a 24-7 365 plastic manufacturing plant. We swapped out over 500 massive light fixtures with the LED equivelants, saving our clients over 90% on their future power bills. This battle ensued for two months. Electricians with 20 years + experience would shy away from this daunting project. It took an incredible amount of organization and coordination and a huge amount of hours but we did it to the client’s complete satifaction!




Wicks Electric in Today’s Province!

Adam in the Province

Adam was interviewed by the Province for their article about the B.C. government’s Clean Energy Vehicle program and new funding to train electricians in the installation of vehicle charging stations.  Wicks Electric has been in the forefront of the industry, installing charging stations for over a year now.  So if you are ready to “Go Green”, Wicks Electric is your go to Electrical Contractor!

Happy New Year!


A Very Happy New Year from all of us at Wicks Electric!  May it be a happy, healthy and prosperous year for all!  We would like to thank our wonderful clients for a great 2015 and look forward to working with you all in 2016!

Merry Christmas from All of Us!!


A Very Merry Christmas from all of us at Wicks Electric!  We wish you all peace, love and laughter during the holidays and into the New Year!  

Jordan, Paul, Tyler, Adam, Colton, Jesse, Quinn and Cathy too.

Adam Addresses the Graduates at VCC

Adam was honoured to be asked to speak to the graduating classes of Vancouver Career College and CDI.  Undaunted by the audience of over 1000, he spoke passionately about setting and attaining goals, accepting failures and learning from them, and following your dreams. His speech was so well received that he has been asked to speak to other groups in the New Year.  Well done Adam!